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          Automotive plastic trim parts mold lamination applications
          Time: 2013/3/8 12:28:36    Views: 0

          Automotive plastic trim products, in-mold lamination technology occupies a place. Molding manufacturers can make a choice from the many to achieve labor and other cost savings technology.

          In the fabric or carpet laminate into the mold on top of the plastic base are several methods of low-pressure molding is the foundation. These mold lamination technology using a molding pressure of not higher than 1000psi, a laminated external very soft material. The various processing technology utilizes to a wide variety of devices, including different types of mold clamping of the horizontal and vertical injection molding machine, and vertical stamping machine, and deposition of melt movable extruder

          Why mold lamination technology is increasingly used in automotive interior parts? Add a thin layer of plastic usually solid form, can enhance the appearance and to improve soft, tactile and texture. After the mold with the conventional laminate compared to the advantage of one-step mold lamination (or "liner molding") including longer need a plurality of process steps and dirty adhesive, labor and parts reduction in the processing, as well as stronger than the adhesive agent can provide a melt adhesive. Compared with the traditional injection, the lower clamping tonnage requirements so that you can take advantage of the small presses, and save spending on the construction of the machine. Lower pressure to eliminate the need thick platen (All in all, the machine supplier predict their mold lamination system compared with traditional methods, reduce production costs by 15% -30%.

          Mold lamination, before the outer material is adhered to a rigid base and normally do not need to preform the outer layer material. The preform is still feasible for deep drawing.

          The molding manufacturers should cycle is expected to die within the laminate will be slightly longer. But the mode of finished goods can compensate for this. The mold cutting tools can eliminate secondary laminate trimming (Battenfeld) low-pressure molding injection technology company technical director HelmutEckardt introduced.

          An exception is the felt layer bonded This thicker material is difficult to be cut in the mold, in most cases still need a mold after trimming.

          Mold lamination in Europe has been very mature, where auto parts manufacturers who make use of it to cattle production door panels, steering wheel, instrument panel sets shaped box knee pads, rear rack, car roof and trunk liner. Ralf Liese, the Krauss-mafia, general manager of the company in the United States, has been recognized these advantages in Europe. But the situation is different in the United States. Door trim mold lamination decisive applications in the automotive sector accounted for. The endless stream of applications into the dashboard, seat and rear rack.

          The Closed mode or open mode?

          In-mold lamination technology is spread worldwide. At least eight of the machinery manufacturers to provide a variety of styles, improved in-mold lamination equipment, they Battenfeld, Dieffenbache, Engel, Husky, FerromatikMilacron, Hettinga, Krauss-Maffei and Ube. Some of the new technologies can use traditional presses, molding manufacturers do not need to buy a dedicated machine. Milacron, which provides non-dedicated components, so that the user can operate at low pressure in the traditional press.

          Mold lamination technology can be divided into two categories: closed mode or open mode. They can be applied to the injection pressure injection or compression molding techniques. Hettinga Technologies, Inc. is the The U.S. first commercial company to take advantage of the low-pressure molding process, said: "A lot will depend on the workpiece size, the outer layer of material and thickness of the grass-roots." Its president Jeanine Nettinga high temperature and high pressure in front of the gate location Yao point ", so the outer layer of material formed on the outer layer material may require some type of scrim or barrier material.

          The higher cost of the barrier layer will make the parts, but it will give molding manufacturers in their hope that using the in-mold lamination method to more choices. The first is that the foam the liner outer layer materials without barrier material injection / die-cast or mold process. If the injection resin, this double-bubble (TPO outer layer and a foam pad) will break down. If you are using a three-tier structure (outer materials, foam and protective PP liner), then any mold or closed mold mold lamination can be exploited.

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